Preparation Tips for Jump Starting a Car

When you need to jump start your car, the first thing that you should do is to make sure your battery terminals are free of any acid corrosion. If there is a noticeable white substance appearing on the battery terminals, clean them prior to initiating a jump start.

After locating a vehicle to jump start your car, be sure to determine where the battery is located within that vehicle. You want to align the vehicle in a way that allows the jumper cables to reach both batteries. 

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Important Factors to Consider About Your Timing Belt

Your car's timing belt is probably one of the last things you think about when it comes to vehicle maintenance. However, without a timing belt, most cars on the road today would not run at all. The timing belt turns your car engine's crankshaft, which then drives the camshaft.

One of the biggest takeaways about your timing belt is you should have it changed every 60,000 miles. If the belt, which is traditionally made of rubber, starts to wear down or loosen, it can dramatically affect your engine's performance. 

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Explore Your Front Wheel Drive vs Rear Wheel Drive Options

"Front-wheel drive" describes a type of automotive engine that delivers strength to the wheels located in the front. If a transmission system sends power in that direction, then it's categorized as being a front-wheel drive model. Rear-wheel drive vehicles are a whole other ballgame. These refers to engines that give power to the wheels that are situated in the rear.

Front-wheel drives can be ideal for drivers who are interested in excellent traction in times of snowy and rainy weather conditions. Rear-wheel drives can be terrific for superb handling. 

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Extreme Temperatures Start a Domino Effect at the Expense of Your Battery

Winter is not only tough on your chapped hands, dry lips and challenged immune systems, it’s also hard on your car. Everything in your vehicle tends to struggle a little more when it gets really cold outside, and this domino affect can lead you to be stranded with a dead battery on your hands.

How does this happen? When you’re driving around McDonough and the mercury drops to well below freezing, your motor oil may get thicker. 

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What Do Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Mean?

When you hear the word viscosity used to refer to types of motor oil, it’s important to remember that viscosity just means the thickness of a fluid. Motor oil is an important aspect of keeping your engine running smoothly. Oil that’s too thin doesn’t lubricate the parts well enough. When it’s too thick, it overworks the engine.

The numbers located on a multi-grade bottle of oil tell you what the cold and hot weather viscosity of the oil is. If it’s a 5W30 weight, for instance, that indicates that the viscosity cannot go above 5…

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What Does an Alternator Do for Your Vehicle?

The initial jump to get your car charged and running occurs through the battery when you first turn over the ignition. The power is transferred to the alternator once the car’s running. The alternator connects to the engine with a rubber belt.

Alternators last for many years without needing to be serviced. Their life expectancy is often at least eight years. When they do begin to go, however, you will notice some symptoms. 

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Reduce Danger with the Move Over Law

Although many are not even aware that there is a Move Over Law, this regulation is in fact a law and not just a guideline. It requires that your switch lanes or slow down when passing a vehicle that has stopped by the side of the road for safety reasons.

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Schedule Honda Service Online at Sons Honda

If you’re busy like most people throughout McDonough, then you probably could use any extra help you can in getting things done. When it comes to scheduling personal appointments, sometimes it can take longer than necessary just to get the task completed. With a little help from Sons Honda, your next vehicle service appointment doesn’t have to be that way.

Our online service scheduler is available whenever you need to make an appointment, and you’re free to choose any available time that meets with your busy schedule. There’s no waiting on hold or waiting for someone…

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5 Reasons SUV’s are More Romantically Resourceful

Sedans and sports models are so passé, especially when it comes to creating the right mood and vibe to manifest a romantic day, night or even a whole week if that's your fancy!

Stop by Sons Honda today for a test drive and see what a new SUV can do for you.

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Convenience has Spread to Servicing with Online Scheduling

Online service scheduling is just one of the new dealership features our team at Sons Honda is proud to announce. Now, you're able to go online and, not only can you browse our huge selection of vehicles, but, you can take care of the one you already have. From repairs to oil changes and routine maintenance, you'll be able to get things taken care of quickly and easily.

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