150 Point Inspection

Honda Certified Used Car 150 point Inspection

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Required Manuals & Documentation

(In glove compartment or provided upon delivery)

  • Owner’s manual
  • New Car Warranty manual
  • Certified Warranty Booklet
  • Vehicle History Report copy (Title History Check)Copy of HCUC 150-point Inspection Checklist in Glove Compartment (once completed)
  • Radio Security Code
  • Navigation Code (if applicable)

VIN Inspection

1. Vehicle VIN plates match, engine compartment, door jambs and


2. VIN/FMVSS label on door jamb
3. Perform VIN Status Inquiry check and perform applicable recall or

campaign repairs

Minimum Replacement Items

4. Engine oil & filter-with Genuine Honda filter

5. Air filter-if dirty or at service interval
6. Brake fluid-if dirty/discolored or at service interval
7. Floor mats-replace mats, unless in good condition
8. Wiper blades-replace unless they wipe windshield clean
9. Coolant-replace if dirty or at service interval with genuine

Honda fluid
10. Tires-minimum tread depth 5/32 across tread width
11. Disc brake pads-replace if wear is greater than 50 percent
12. Brake shoes-replace if wear is greater than 50 percent
13. Antenna mast-replace if bent or sticking (if applicable)
14. Automatic transmission fluid-replace if discolored or at service

15. Differential fluid-replace if discolored or at service interval (if

16. Rear differential fluid-replace if discolored or at service interval (if


Scheduled Maintenance

17. Nearest scheduled maintenance must be performed if within 3

months or 2,500 miles of service interval, or if no record of service


Road Test

18. Starting-cold/hot
19. Idle vibration-cold/hot
20. Engine noise-cold/hot & high/low speeds
21. Acceleration-power
22. Engine operating temperature
23. Driveability-smoothness
24. AT shift quality/AT shift points
25. MT shifter operation
26. MT clutch-smoothness, effort, slippage
27. Transmission/transaxle noise-cold/hot
28. CV joint/drive axle noise-full lock turn right/left
29. Braking-noise, vibration, effort
30. Parking brake operation
31. Steering effort-drifting right or left
32. Steering-wheel free play/steering-wheel centered
33. Cruise control operation, including resume
34. Horn operation
35. Wind noise/squeaks/rattles
36. Speedometer/odometer operation
37. Heater/defroster operation
38. A/C cooling performance/vent outlet temperature
39. Tire or steering-wheel vibration
40. Body/suspension-performance/noise/rough road test

Under Hood-check for unacceptable aftermarket modifications

41. Battery-condition, fluid level, load test
42. Alternator-belt condition/tension, charging
43. Starter operation
44. Distributor-cap & rotor condition, shaft looseness
45. Ignition system operation
46. Fuel system operation-connections/leakage
47. Fuel filter-replace per maintenance schedule
48. Radiator-leaks, road-hazard damage
49. A/C condenser-corrosion, road-hazard damage
50. Cooling fan operation
51. Coolant-replace if discolored, insufficient protection
52. Coolant hoses-check condition
53. Power steering-fluid level, belt condition/tension
54. A/C compressor-proper cycling, belt condition/tension
55. Heater valve adjustment
56. Engine valve noise
57. Engine/transmission mount condition
58. Engine-remove valve cover, verify adequate maintenance, one valve
cover for V-6 engine
59. Timing belt condition

Under Vehicle-check for unacceptable aftermarket modifications

60. Tires-OEM size, speed and load rating
61. Tires-matching brand & type
62. Tires-no road hazard damage/proper tire pressure
63. Tires-check for uneven wear or sidewall cracking
64. Wheels/rims-check for damage
65. Valve stem condition
66. Wheel lug nuts-all present and properly torqued
67. Spare tire-condition/pressure
68. Engine-oil leaks, drain plug threads
69. Transmission leaks
70. Coolant leaks
71. CV joint/boots/drive-shaft/universal joint-cracks, leakage
72. Brake pad thickness
73. Brake rotor thickness and surface
74. Brake caliper free movement
75. Brake caliper leakage
76. Rear-lining thickness (if applicable)
77. Rear-wheel cylinder leakage (if applicable)
78. Rear-drum thickness and surface
79. Hydraulic hose/line leakage
80. Suspension-springs, proper ride height
81. McPherson strut/shock absorber leakage
82. Bushing condition
83. Ball joint tightness
84. Tie-rod end tightness
85. Power-steering rack leakage
86. Entire exhaust system-condition, leaks, damage, noise

Exterior-check for unacceptable aftermarket modifications

87. Headlights-high/low operation and headlight aim, cracks, chips,
scratches, pitting
88. Brakelights
89. Turn Signal Lights-operation, cracks, chips, scratches
90. Parking lamps
91. Fog lamps (if applicable)
92. Running lights (if applicable)
93. License-plate light
94. Taillights-operation, cracks, chips, scratches, damage
95. Back-up lamps
96. Emergency flasher
97. Water leaks

Interior-check for unacceptable aftermarket modifications

98. Fuel-gauge operation
99. Temperature-gauge operation
100. All warning lights illuminated with ignition “ON”
101. Dash light operation
102. Windshield wiper/washer operation
103. Audio system-radio/CD/cassette, speaker operation (audio
steering wheel controls if applicable)
104. Navigation operation (if applicable)
105. Clock functions
106. Steering-wheel tilt/lock
107. Sunroof operation (if applicable)
108. Headliner condition
109. Cigarette lighter/power outlets (if equipped)
110. Alarm/theft system operation-check remote
111. SRS airbags-exterior condition/check warning lamp self check
112. Outside mirror operation, left & right
113. Rearview mirror operation-day/night operation
114. Window operation-noise, speed and full travel
115. Door locks-check manual and/or power operation and child safety
116. Seat belts-condition, proper latching and retraction operation
117. Seat upholstery/leather condition-front & rear
118. Power seat operation (if equipped)
119. Seat heaters (if equipped)
120. Headrest movement
121. Rear defrost operation
122. Inside mirror/vanity light operation
123. Interior lights-switch/door operation
124. Glove compartment/glove compartment-light operation
125. Luggage compartment-jack & tool present
126. Trunk-lid release/trunk-lid light operation
127. Fuel door release
128. Hood release operation

Appearance Inspection


129. Under hood-clean engine compartment
130. Front bumper-fascia, guards, finish
131. Grille-headlights, other lights, trim, emblems
132. Hood-emblems & finish
133. LF fender-finish, trim
134. LF door-finish, trim
135. LR door-finish, trim
136. LR fender-finish, trim
137. Trunk lid-finish, trim
138. Rear bumper-fascia, guards, trim
139. RR fender-finish, trim
140. RR door-finish, trim
141. RF door-finish, trim
142. RF fender-finish, trim
143. Roof-finish, trim
144. Windshield/glass-cracks, chips, scratches, pitting


145. Carpet & mats-condition)
146. Dash & instrument panels
147. Console/center armrest/beverage holders
148. Front doors-controls, trim condition
149. Rear doors/quarter trim-controls, trim condition
150. Luggage compartment-mat/trim/carpet