5 Reasons SUV’s are More Romantically Resourceful

December 30th, 2017 by

Sedans and sports models are so passé, especially when it comes to creating the right mood and vibe to manifest a romantic day, night or even a whole week if that's your fancy!

Impromptu Overnight Trips – are so much more romantic if you get stuck anywhere or decide to just get away for a weekend with no place to go.
Camping – if you don’t have or don’t like tents, an SUV is the most romantic alternative.
Planned Trips and Travel – An SUV provides way more room for everything and everyone, whether you’ve decided to plan a romantic getaway, or an all-out family vacation.
More room – This comes in handy to store the picnic basket and blanket, or to move that picnic inside if you get rained out.
Respect and Rapport – If you’re single, an SUV is your ticket to impressing your next date. Driving an SUV gives others the idea that you earn decent money and know what you like.

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Source: Sons Honda Blog

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