Here's When It's Time To Invest In New Tires

December 14th, 2017 by

Imagine a scenario where your vehicle didn’t have tires. Your rims would damage the road, maybe even spark flames, and cause you to wreck. Tires are an important part of vehicles, even more so, the tread on such tires.

If you don’t have sufficient tread on your tires above 4/32 inches, the likelihood of getting into a serious wreck is much higher than if you had better tires. It also makes the distance need to stop completely at any speed significantly longer than as if new tires were present.

You can check your tires’ tread length by inserting a quarter into them, face-down. If the tread doesn’t reach the top of George Washington’s head, it’s time to change your tires.

Removing old tires and putting new ones on is difficult. You can’t throw old tires away just anywhere, either. Let our professionals at Sons Honda put new tires on your ride and take care of the old ones.

Source: Sons Honda Blog

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