Improve your Headlights

November 27th, 2017 by

Headlights help us see the road in addition to assisting others to see us. It is therefore important to keep both of them working so that while driving, you are not confused for a motorcycle or any other source of light. They should also be bright enough to help you see the road but not so much that they interfere with the vision of other motorists. Apply the following tips to ensure your headlights serve you ideally while on the road.

• Ensure your lights are well adjusted. This is essential for a good vision of the road both at the center and the shoulders of the road. A proper adjustment also helps avoid direct eye contact with the oncoming traffic.

• Frequently clean your headlights. A collection of dust and dirt will obstruct the light from lighting the road properly.

• If your car is old and the headlight lenses are hazy or yellowed, then polish the lenses.

• Upgrade your lights to better lighting ones for maximum lighting hence safety.

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