What Do Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Mean?

February 9th, 2018 by

When you hear the word viscosity used to refer to types of motor oil, it’s important to remember that viscosity just means the thickness of a fluid. Motor oil is an important aspect of keeping your engine running smoothly. Oil that’s too thin doesn’t lubricate the parts well enough. When it’s too thick, it overworks the engine.

The numbers located on a multi-grade bottle of oil tell you what the cold and hot weather viscosity of the oil is. If it’s a 5W30 weight, for instance, that indicates that the viscosity cannot go above 5 in cold weather or when the engine is cold. The W stands for winter. The second number represents the thickness range of oil when the engine is warmed up or the weather is hot. A lower viscosity is thinner oil, and it is more fluid in cold conditions than a thicker substance.

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