Why is Horsepower Important?

December 28th, 2017 by

We often get questions about the importance of horsepower from customers that come to our McDonough, GA Honda showroom. James Watt coined the term horsepower. James was a celebrated engineer for his work in improving steam engines and inventing 60-watt light bulbs in early 1800’s. Horses were the chief source of energy those days, and serve as the primary inspiration of the term horsepower.

James Watt thought of using the horses to measure the capabilities of any other machine, specifically the steam engine. He observed that a horse at the mill walked a circumference of 75.5 feet and pulled a force of 180 pounds. Moreover, it made 144 trips around the circle in an hour. Working with these figures, James found that the horse walked 180.96 feet a minute. When he multiplied the speed by force applied (180 pounds), he found its rate to be around 33,000 lbs-ft each minute.

We use this figure today. This rating is used to measure the capabilities of all the cars, trucks and SUVs when comparing horsepower. At Sons Honda, we are ready to assist you to make the right choice based on each car’s horsepower.
Source: Sons Honda Blog

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